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Status: December 2016


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The preparation of these Technical Guidelines for Wind Turbines (known, since 1998, as FGW Guidelines) began in 1992 with the objective of presenting measuring methods allowing determination of reliable and comparable data for wind turbines (WTs) based on state-of-the-art technology. The measurements from these three fields - power curve, noise emissions and electrical properties - should serve as the foundation for assessment of wind turbines, e.g. in permit issues, when assessing grid connection options or for reliable yield calculations.

The guidelines of the International Energy Agency (IEA), which have been drawn up since the 1980s, allow a wide scope for the measurements and evaluations. On the other hand, the Technical Guidelines are supposed to create the conditions (via further specifications) for making the measurement results comparable, irrespective of who performs them.

Measurements in accordance with the Technical Guidelines can be carried out by all qualified measuring institutes. A test report covering the measurements must be compiled; the principal results of which can be summarised in a test report excerpt applying the specifications provided in this guideline. However, it must be noted that the agency requested to recognise the measurements may place further demands on the measuring institution, besides the specifications described in these Technical Guidelines.

The following table shows which revision of the individual Technical Guidelines is presently valid:


Technical Guidelines Part Revision date/preview note available languages
Determining the Noise Emission Values (n.a.; available in German only) Part 1 18 01.02.2008
Determining the Power Performance and Standardised Energy Yields (n.a.) Part 2 16 01.04.2016
Determining the Electrical Properties - Power Quality (EMC) Part 3 24 01.03.2016
german, english
Determining the Electrical Properties - Power Plant Behaviour Part 4 8 01.03.2016
german, english
Determining and applying the Reference Yield - (n.a.; available in German only) Part 5 7
Determination of the Wind Potential  and Energy Yields Part 6 9
23.04.2015 TC WP resolution to TG 6 rev. 9 of 19.05.2016

TC WP resolution to TG 6 rev. 9 - appendix C

TC WP resolution to TG 6 rev. 9 - appendix D
german, english
Operation and maintenance of power plants for renewable energy - (n.a.; available in German only)
Part 7-Rubric A

Part 7-Rubric B3 0 01.01.2014
Part 7-Rubric D2 1 01.10.2013
german, english
Part 7-Rubric D3 0 01.01.2014 TR7 Rubric D3 for download german, english
Part 7-Rubric D3-A 0 01.01.2014
german, english
Certification of the Electrical Characteristics of Power Generating Units and Systems in the Medium-, High- and Highest-voltage Grids  Part 8 7


german, english
Determination of High Frequency Emissions from Renewable Powr Generating Units Part 9 1 18.04.2016
german, english